Long Way Home - car edit
5 Seconds of Summer


imagine you’re on a long car journey with your boyfriend and he starts playing some of the songs he wrote to get your opinion on them

i did a little experiment trying to make it sound like you’re in a car listening to long way home with traffic and rain in the background. i hope you guys like it!

for best results, use earphones. enjoy!

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close as strangers - empty arena + rain
5 Seconds of Summer


imagine sneaking into your boyfriend’s soundcheck after you haven’t seen him in months and the weather takes a turn for the worse

for best results, use headphones and turn your music up to the highest volume. enjoy!

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Too Late - Rain Edit


5SOS - Too Late Rain Edit + Plot Twist
*the boys decided to play you their song ‘Too Late’ acoustically while one of the worst storms recorded in the history of Sydney was occuring outside, all was great until a little something scares the boys before they can finish the song..*

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if you don't know - basement + rain
5 Seconds of Summer - basement


during a thunderstorm you sit on your balcony to listen to the thunder and hear your neighbour luke’s band rehearsing in his basement

for best results, use headphones and turn your music up to the highest volume. enjoy!

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amnesia basement +rain
5 Seconds of Summer - basement


a few weeks after breaking up with your next door neighbour calum you open your windows during a thunderstorm to listen to the rain and hear his band practicing in the basement 

for best results, wear headphones and turn up your music to the highest volume.  enjoy!

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Try Hard (Basement version)
5SOS and jasxyrae



“And for number 17 I got x= 3.1-‘’

*play audio WITH HEADPHONES*

“Urgh for fucks sake!” You groaned, standing up and walking briskly to your bedroom door.

“Who’s making that noise?” Your best friend asked, standing up to, seemingly enjoying the loud music.

“My idiot brother’s band” You sighed, getting more frustrated with every note. You threw open the door and yelled.


“What the hell are they doing down there?” You rolled your eyes and slammed the door shut again.

“Luke’s gathered together some other loser Blink-182 wannabes and theY WON’T SHUT UP WHEN ASKED”

I tried to make it sound like they were playing from the basement and I increased the pitch a little because this is set when they were younger even though the song is Try Hard ok

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Heartache On The Big Screen (Basement Version)
5 Seconds of Summer


Imagine: Your brother and all his dorky friends are practicing down stairs in the basement


please don’t change the source :)

download link (right click then save)

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Do I Wanna Know (Split)
Artic Monkeys


Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know (Split)

The left ear is the original version while the right ear is an acoustic version of the song which I found here. Make sure you use headphones!

For more songs or audio edits by me click here.

For a download link click here.

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Kings And Queens
Thirty Seconds To Mars / This Is War


Thirty Seconds To Mars | Kings And Queens (3D Instrumental + Panned Voice)

+ this is not a normal 3d audio; instruments are playing in both left and right ear with a 3d effect while the voice is panned from one ear to the other. 
+ close your eyes. 
+ wear headphones.
+ download link → x

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AU: Ashton Irwin being that shy drummer in the band that doesn’t know how to ask girls out. Him being naive and inexperienced with girls, he gets advice from his band mates telling him to use cheesy pickup lines that never work. But you seeing how nervous and desperate he is to get your number, you give the cute Aussie a chance.